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Episode #10 Cultivating a Life of Trust and Surrender

Apr 28 2021

In this episode, Martina and I discuss Surrender and Vulnerability, and how we bought a house on a zoom call in a…

Seeing Your Woman

Feb 25 2021

“Just see her, all she needs is for you to be the space she can unravel in.”

Episode #9 Menswork, Purpose, & Direction w/ Jackson Hardin

Oct 04 2020

In this Episode, we explore the importance of Menswork, the impact a lack of Clarity and Direction has on a Man’s life,…

Episode #8 How To Evoke Love

Aug 27 2020

In this episode, we talk about how to evoke Love, authenticity, and the subtle cues that will make all the difference to…

Episode #7 Self Pleasure, Masturbation and Oral Sex

Aug 21 2020

In this episode, we explore the difference between self-pleasure and masturbation, as well as touching on Oral Sex and the importance of…

Episode #6 Is Trust Import In a Relationship?

Aug 20 2020

In this episode we explore Trust, what it means, It’s importance, and value.

Episode #5 Self Love

Aug 20 2020

Self Love, what is it? Are we doing it? Is it necessary? What impact does it have on our lives? in this…

Episode #4 The Value of Men’s work

Aug 19 2020

In this episode, we explore the value of Men’s work, how it impacts sex, intimacy, and relationship.

What is Sexual Shame

Aug 18 2020

In this podcast we start the conversation about Sexual Shame? What is it, what does it look like? How does it impact…

What are men looking for from women?

Sep 25 2019

I often get asked by women, “what are men looking for from women around relationships & sex”. The truth is there’s quite…