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Seeing Your Woman

Feb 25 2021

“Just see her, all she needs is for you to be the space she can unravel in.”

What are men looking for from women?

Sep 25 2019

I often get asked by women, “what are men looking for from women around relationships & sex”. The truth is there’s quite…

What holds Men back from the freedom of healthy Masculinity?

Jul 25 2018

Am I Too Feminine? So many questions about men being too feminine, women being too masculine, attraction, sexuality, polarity, what’s a man…

Love – How Independence Can Destroy A Relationship

Aug 07 2017

No counselling, coaching or psychology, could take me as deep as I went, on the Tantric Blossoming 5-day Intensive retreat I attended,…

Sex – 10 Tips for men who want a better sex life!

May 09 2017

    When sex and desire is alive in a woman, it can and will overwhelm a man. You might be surprised to…

Assimilation – The Love Serial Killer

Apr 20 2017

I had a realisation today, I became a Love serial killer. Yes. I murdered every relationship I had without even knowing it. Consistently.…

Being A Man

Mar 09 2017

How to be a man and men’s health have long been a passion of mine. I have had the unique experience of…