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Deepening In Union – 7 Day Intensive

January 20, 2018 @ 7:00 pm - January 27, 2018 @ 4:00 pm

Have you ever wanted to create profound transformation in your life? Are you tired of feeling disconnected from yourself and others all the while knowing deep down there is more?

During this 7-day retreat, Deepening in Union, we will explore tantra as a catalyst for the embodiment and expression of your deepest self. Topics include union and intimacy in relationships, union of the deepest parts of self, and the union between sexuality and spirituality. These components are the heart of tantra and will empower you to create the life you desire.

Imagine taking 7 days to journey and embody your heart’s deepest desires. No work or family commitments. Simply being held in loving space created for you.

You’ll be guided and supported by expert facilitators. Through profound Tantric practices we will explore creating greater depth, connection, intimacy and transformation in your life. Feeling the support of loving connection all around you, immersed in the beauty of nature and luxurious accommodation and being nourished with delicious and healthy foods.

Every man and woman has inner masculine and feminine energies and qualities. Sadly, we live in times where people are becoming more neutral in their personal expression. Living dulled down versions of our lives in an attempt to please others, looking to fit in, and wanting to be liked leads to an uninspiring existence. It creates a sense of merely getting by. Life becomes mundane and dreary rather than a passionate expression of our deepest heart.


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Union within yourself creates space for beautiful openings, feelings of expansion, and allows deeper levels of self-love and self-acceptance.

Understanding and being aware of our inner masculine and feminine leads to a more complete expression of our unique essence! Through this retreat experience, we will encourage you to find your truth and your voice, to allow you to live more fully in a way that inspires you. By being who we truly are, we are able to inspire our loved ones, friends and co-workers.

For a woman, being able to express her feminine self through her body, her movements, her words, and expressions of love in the world, means that she is more in tune with her naturalness – she embraces the flavours of feminine power, love, sensuality, nourishment, softness, and more. Feeling the expansive quality of her love and allowing that to flow through everything she does transforms her connection to everyone and everything around her. Knowing her own masculine means she has the capacity to create space for her feelings, to support herself – to provide, to problem-solve, to direct her own life and create safety through clear and healthy boundaries.

For a man, being able to express his masculine through his body, actions, movements, words and the way he lives, allows him to be free – free in his capacity to live fully in the world. Being in tune with his depth, his truth, brings clarity and direction to his life, this allows him the freedom to navigate in a way that he can choose the direction his career, life, and love take. This is an expression of a man’s desire and ability to penetrate life, with love and sexual energy. Having access to feeling and understanding his feminine energies gives him greater range of feeling and sensitivity in his expression, his ability to receive the rejuvenating qualities of feminine love.


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The Program:
Through this 7 day retreat, Martina Hughes and Rod Gordon will be creating space for women and men to come into a healthy alignment of their own unique inner feminine and inner and masculine qualities, and to learn to listen and express their inner selves more deeply.

Living more deeply from the truest part of you will facilitate a deeper experience of connection between man and woman. This will support you to create a new quality of relationship in all areas of your life.

For Women, you will explore how being in your feminine supports you to become both a healthy invitation and an inspiration for a man. Past ways of trying to get men’s attention will fall away as you are able to radiate your presence, simply from your way of being.

For Men, the retreat will show you how being in your masculine energy creates a greater sense of direction and purpose in your life. Being in this energy will open up whole new possibilities – women will notice and respond to the presence that emanates from you.

As well as learning how to cultivate and maintain masculine and feminine polarity, this retreat will include sexual healing through bodywork.

For this retreat – places will be limited to 16 people – only 8 men, only 8 women.
This retreat is for experienced participants. There is a prerequisite for participants to have attended a Tantric Blossoming 5-day retreat prior to attending this 7-day retreat. If you feel that this retreat is for you and you have had significant experience in other spaces, read the piece below and contact us to discuss.

The retreat includes many processes to deepen and enrich your journey. There are surprises and gifts to support and inspire you as well as a healthy dose of integration time. Each participant will receive a follow up phone call with me, after the retreat, to assist with integration of your journey.

Your first retreat with Tantric Blossoming:
This retreat is for people who have already been exploring deeply via tantra, personal development, and spirituality. We create a deeper foundation in the group by having a minimum requirement of past experience; this leads to more grace through the processes and sharing. It’s for people who are willing to be naked physically and emotionally, to be witnessed in your depths by others, and to hold space for others in their depths.

If you have had experience with other teachers or modalities and feel this retreat is for you please contact us to discuss your eligibility to attend this retreat.


The retreat will be held at Amarant Retreat, 80 minutes out of Melbourne in the Yarra Valley. It is located on 25 acres of temperate rain forest in the Yarra Ranges National Park, making it ideally situated to support us on this transformational journey. Our workshop activities are conducted in a room that overlooks the Yarra Valley, inspiring a sense of expansion and support for the transformational work.  The surrounding bush land is ideal for walking and reflection to integrate your journey.

Our caterer, Rachel Marshall, tunes into the energy of the retreat and provides soul nourishing meals from delicious and healthy ingredients. The menu is all organic gourmet vegetarian and will surprise your taste buds at every meal.

Dates: 20th – 27th January 2018 – starting at 7:00pm on the 20th and finishing at 4:00pm on 27th.

Price: 7 days = $3,497 includes accommodation, catering and all teachings and follow up support. 

We offer quality in all our experiences from the facilitation, the space that is created, our assisting team, the venue and the food! It’s an ideal way to move away from daily commitments and immerse yourself into experience that will transform your life.


BOOK NOW HERE: – tantricblossoming.com/…/tantric-blossoming-7-day-intensive-deepening-union


January 20, 2018 @ 7:00 pm
January 27, 2018 @ 4:00 pm


Amarant Retreat
Don Valley, Australia