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Being Man Level 2 – A 3 Day Residential Retreat

June 28, 2018 @ 7:00 pm - July 1, 2018 @ 4:00 pm

Tantra for cultivating the life, freedom and intimacy you desire  !

Maybe you are wondering how to balance your desire for freedom and space with having a fulfilling, loving and sexual relationship. How to satisfy your needs? How to satisfy her needs? How to even meet her? This retreat is for you. It’s about giving you the tools to connect more effectively whether you are single, happy in your relationship or unhappy in your relationship.
The more authentic a man is, the more attractive he becomes to women. Women desire a man who is connected to himself and knows how to express himself, allowing her to feel safe to surrender and express her deepest feminine essence.
At Being Man Level 1, we explored the value of being present, of opening to energies moving through your body and cultivating a stronger masculine energy. But perhaps you still experience some challenges in connecting with women – one day you feel like you have it all worked out and the next day questioning it all over again.
Being Man Level 2 has been created especially for you. It takes commitment to your internal practice to become truly adept at navigating relationships and the challenges they bring. This vital internal practice will be greatly enhanced by spending dedicated time in space with other men who are committed to going deeper.
Maybe you want to create a relationship with a woman who you truly desire? Maybe you are wondering how to take your current relationship beyond the daily routine?
Bringing your masculine energy to the way you move through your life is an incredible catalyst for profound transformation. You really can have the love, sex and relationship that you desire, whilst also cultivating the experience of space and freedom that you have been chasing. 
During this unique 3-day retreat you will have the opportunity to receive feedback from women who are committed to the development of their feminine energies. Receiving feedback from people who have no agenda in your life is an invaluable process for your development.
What we will cover during this retreat:
– Embodying your masculine presence daily
– Becoming the kind of man that a woman longs to build a life with
– How to last longer sexually and enjoy mutual pleasure
– How your sexual energy can be utilized throughout life
– Evoking worship in a woman
– Cultivating sexual energy that opens you and your partner beyond your wildest imaginings
– Bringing masculine clarity as a gift in communication
– Loving through the challenges and closures of life
– Learning to integrate heart and sexual energy
Some invited women will be part of this retreat experience so that you can hear directly from them what makes a man trustable, what type of interaction truly opens her heart and body, and what they crave in their relationships with men.
There is so much powerful transformation that happens on retreat – some of which is very difficult to put into words, if you would like to know more, contact us at admin@tantricblossoming.com and we may be able to organise a short phone call with our facilitator, Martina Hughes, so that you can ask questions and get a FEEL for what the retreat offers.
We will share with you practical and simple ways that you can make a difference in communication, daily life and lovemaking. You can create the quality of loving union you desire.
Watch this video which lets you know why a woman created a men’s retreat, what is unique about this retreat, and what feedback we have received from past participants and their partners!!
About the retreat:
The retreat will be held at Amarant Retreat, 80 minutes out of Melbourne in the Yarra Valley. It is located on 25 acres of temperate rainforest in the Yarra Ranges National Park, making it ideally situated to support us on this transformational journey. Our workshop activities are conducted in a room that overlooks the Yarra Valley, inspiring a sense of expansion and support for the transformational work.  The surrounding bushland is ideal for walking and reflection to integrate your journey.
About the food:
Organic vegetarian food will be provided – dinner on Thursday night; breakfast, lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday; breakfast and lunch on Sunday.
The price for this event is $1497. Payment plans available on application.
Please note that having attended Being Man Level 1 is a prerequisite to attending this retreat
Contact Joanne at admin@tantricblossoming.com for payment plan and booking inquiries.




June 28, 2018 @ 7:00 pm
July 1, 2018 @ 4:00 pm