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Being Man Weekend Retreat

September 16, 2017 @ 7:00 pm - September 19, 2017 @ 4:00 pm

 Book Here: https://tantricblossoming.com/events/man-weekend-retreat-

  • Tranformative tantric practices for men who desire real relating to women

    Whether you are single, happy in your relationship or unhappy in your relationship, this retreat will help you to understand women and to be able to connect more effectively, bringing out your best qualities and guiding you towards loving heartfelt relationships.

    The more authentic a man is, the more attractive he becomes to women. Women desire a man who is connected to himself, allowing her to feel safe to surrender and let go of her deepest feminine essence.

    During this retreat, we will cover the following:

    • Feeling the depth and potency of your unique masculine energy
    • Communicating with women to bring out their best
    • How to touch a woman so that she keeps coming back for more
    • Use tantric practices to make deep and passionate love  to a woman
    • Understanding your own sexual energy and power
    • Learning how to become multi-orgasmic
    • Being clear on your priorities as a man
    • Having healthy, fulfilling and loving relationships with women which meet your needs and allow for the space that you desire.

    What will you experience during the weekend?

    Tantric Blossoming is dedicated to creating spaces for your inner and outer transformation, using a combination of tantric practices with breathwork, dance, silent meditation, active meditation, massage, polarity work, conscious choice, self enquiry and more.

    Special features offered only in this weekend retreat:

    • Be received by a group of women who will provide feedback on how they experience your masculine energy.
    • Our new segment: How to be an AMAZING LOVER
    • Question and answer time with a panel of women  who have explored tantra and relationships extensively — ask those questions you always wanted to ask women!!
    • Activities that will enhance your masculine power and potency.
    • How to truly support a woman to open and feel  surrendered in your presence.
    • Why you need to stop apologising for being a man and claim your true source of power!


    Your facilitators:
    Martina Hughes will be leading the retreat with guest facilitation from Rod Gordon.

    Martina’s passion and life’s work is creating spaces where men and women can experience deeper, meaningful connections with their unique essence and also with their intimate partner, friends, family and community. She is inspired to support people in knowing who they are, being able to live in alignment with their inner being and to restore the masculine and feminine polarity in our world.

    In Martina’s words: “I love supporting men to revolutionise their experiences with women. When a man feels empowered in the way he relates with women, his outlook on life changes.”

    Rod has studied over the last 28 years in the arts of Meditation, Spiritual Healing, Tantra and The Art of Spiritual Intimacy.

    In Rod’s Words: “I have learnt to be open and receptive to the flow of energy that moves through our bodies. There is a dance that takes place between men and women, masculine and feminine, a play of sorts. My skills are in identifying the artful communication and expression of this dance between a man and a woman. To creatively allow the authenticity of each to be recognized for the unique expression of love that it is. Allowing for this expression to take form in the delightful play of individual expression, through each person’s unique creation of habits, patterns and experiences. The giving of their gifts.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

    Book Here: https://tantricblossoming.com/events/man-weekend-retreat-4/


    Martina Hughes interviewed about the retreat, including why she created a men’s retreat, what makes the retreat unique and her personal highlights.


    About the retreat:

    The retreat will be held at Amarant Retreat, 80 minutes out of Melbourne in the Yarra Valley. It is located on 25 acres of temperate rainforest in the Yarra Ranges National Park, making it ideally situated to support us on this transformational journey. Our workshop activities are conducted in a room that overlooks the Yarra Valley, inspiring a sense of expansion and support for the transformational work.  The surrounding bushland is ideal for walking and reflection to integrate your journey.

    About the food:

    Delicious organic vegetarian food will be provided by our amazing caterer, Rachel Marshall, whose creations are always a retreat sensation – dinner on Thursday night; breakfast, lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday; and breakfast and lunch on Sunday.



    Dates: 16/11/2017 – 19/11/2017

    Times: All Day

    Location: Amarant Retreat, 1475 Don Road Don Valley Victoria 3139


Book Here: https://tantricblossoming.com/events/man-weekend-retreat-4/                                                                                                   



September 16, 2017 @ 7:00 pm
September 19, 2017 @ 4:00 pm