The bodywork sessions with Rod were of incredible benefit to me. When we first started working together I had a string of failed relationships, had learned behaviors of coping with life that were no longer serving me (particularly with men I was attracted to),  while experiencing crippling daily anxiety. I no longer knew what it felt like to be me, or how to show my true self to the world (and men).
Rod guided me through a level of healing I had never experienced before. His wisdom and sensitivity creates a safe and nurturing environment where healing can take place. He explains concepts and processes clearly and thoroughly.
Even after our first bodywork session beliefs and blockages began shifting for me very quickly. Rod guided me through this process beautifully and as a result I experienced deep and profound change in my mind, spirit and body, and the amount of anxiety I experienced decreased significantly. He guided me to cultivate a level of self love I never knew existed, and to move energy in a way that had my whole body buzzing, which opened my heart and calmed my mind.
What a gift!