I would like to give a testimonial in relation to the value of The Embodied Man – Men’s Training Program. I once believed:
That my wife should be like my Mum was for my Dad.
My wife should give me my fair share,
That my wife should make sense and be a bit more like me,
That she should get over her problems a bit more and not Burdon me with everything,
That relationships were 50/50 or else unfair
I believed that eventually we would have to split up because she just wasn’t trying hard enough. I was gunna end up another divorced single Dad with limited time with my kids and I had to do something to prevent that.
I am happy to say that this is mostly all ongoing, and awakening now is a passion for me to continue to explore.
Although, it wasn’t until about 1/3 way through The Embodied Man – Men’s Training Program with Rod Gordon that I finally understood how deeply Masculine and Feminine, Men and Women, can connect, and fuel each other to extraordinary levels of loves power!
The respect I am feeling for my wife is huge and I never thought that was possible for me again.
She is my home, she is my teacher, my mirror, my access to the universe. I strengthen with every challenge, I am curious, unafraid and intrigued. I am grateful. I am responsible.
Rod is straight up a fantastic facilitator. Natural, loving, honest and informative. The Embodied Man – Men’s Training Program has evolved into my key to unlocking the truths I am searching for.
This program is for every man who feels ready to face the fact that his journey is his responsibility and is eager to learn the key to creating his own dreams.
I know now that, with deep understanding of my relationship and of my roll as Masculine, I open up access to anything I desire.