About Rod

Rod has dedicated his life to transformation and growth. He leads relationship and sexuality workshops with his fiancé Martina Hughes and supports men and women to cultivate the love, sex and intimacy they desire.

Rod has studied for 30 years in the areas of meditation, tantra, spiritual healing, martial arts and the art of spiritual and sexual intimacy.

Through his dedicated personal practice Rod has developed a unique capacity for seeing people. He holds space with presence, intuition and creativity, empowering men and women to create the transformation they seek in their lives.

Rod is committed to being of service, deepening his own practice and fiercely loving his partner. He continues his own study and training with world class leaders and teachers.

For a consultation for body work,
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  • The act of allowing through the body an intention, feeling, emotion or idea in a way that is felt by others

  • The act of fusing, blending and incorporating into your life new values, awareness’s and principles in a way that impacts or creates change

  • The space created between two people through the bodily expression of vulnerability, openness, love and integrity

  • A state of being, without restriction, uninhibited by the habits, patterns and closures created by the culmination of experiences physical, emotional and mental of one’s life, the ability to relax open despite life’s resistance

  • A state of being, without restriction, unaffected by life’s resistance, dance or turmoil. The resulting state cultivated by the ability to be present through life’s chaos and emotional upheaval